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Colosseum PVP Event_Revised


Dear All Piston Tale2 Gamers, it is our privilege to offer the Colosseum PVP event as the perfect warm-up activity before we open the 80 level Cap. Meanwhile, we also extremely happy about the join of Turkish players from the TR Server. We expect all of you will have a good time in PT2 EU server and be satisfied with this new event.

(This event suits for level 50+ players ONLY)


The fight location is at the brand new PT2 Colosseum map.


1. Players fight at Colosseum for collecting as many Colosseum Scores as possible in one week period (Scores count duration: Current Server Maintenance –Next Server Maintenance).

2. Colosseum PvP event participation level ranges:

Lv 50-54 Top 6 Score Players

Lv 55-59 Top 6 Score Players

Lv 60-64 Top 6 Score Players

Lv 65-69 Top 6 Score Players

Lv 70-74 Top 6 Score Players

Lv 75-79 Top 6 Score Players

3. GK Technical Team&GM Team will track your weekly Colosseum Scores and decide the TOP 6 players as the event winners. (Each level range will generate Top 6 players)

Player can also find the weekly PvP scores through your player profile page:



2 Magnifier Item Drop 3H 1 Gathere Goggle 50% 7D, 10 Premium lottery, 5 Lucky Football, [Prefix] Unlimited.

15 Pumpkin 100%, 20 Awell Protection Scrolls, 2 Rusty Rings, 4 Anti Destruction Protection Scrolls Nied.

Old version for 79:

Extra reward for 79 winners: One week of 80 level trial (player's level will be adjust during the following server maintenance) and one PERMANENT 80 level weapon regarding to the player’s profession.

New version for 79:

This change will not affect the winners of this week ;meanwhile,winners of this week will be degrade to level 79 as well next week.


1 Exp Potion 50% 3H, 15 Pumpkin 100%, [Prefix] Holy, 1 Mount 7D 130%.

1 Exp Potion 50% 1H, 5 Lucky Football, 3 Anti Destruction Protection Scrolls Nied, 10 Premium lottery.


1 Exp Pot 50% 3H, 15 Pumpkin 100%, [Prefix] Red Flame , 1 Mount 7D 130%.

1 Exp Pot 30% 1H, 4 Lucky Football, 10 Awell Protection Scrolls, 10 Premium lottery


1 Exp Pot 30% 1H, 10 premium lottery, 20 Pumpkin 50%, 10 Awell Protection Scrolls, 2 Rusty Rings.

1 Exp Pot 50% 3H, 4 Lucky Football, 5 Unstable C. of Oblivion ,[Prefix] Cold


1 Exp Pot 50% 3H, 10 Pumpkin 100%, [Prefix] Dark.

5 Premium lottery, 2 Lucky Football, 2 Rusty Rings.


5 Premium lottery, 10 Pumpkin 25%, 2 Rusty Rings.

1 Exp Pot 50% 3H, 2 Lucky Football, [Suffix] Master.

PT2 GM Team. All rights reserved


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