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Rules & Rewards

1.In order to apply as an Apprentice, you must have a character on your account at level 14 or below.

2. In order to apply as a Master, you must have a character on your account at level 40 or above.

3. At 5 level intervals (15, 20, 25, and 30), Apprentices will receive the follwing in-game rewards:

Level achieved152025 30
Apprentice reward Astrologer's CardAnti-Destroying Scroll Set of Aging (Feoh) Anti-Destroying Scroll Set of Aging (Feoh)Nimble Tora (7 days) 70%

At level 30, Apprentices are considered to have reached “graduate” status, but can stay with their Master to level up and receive the following post-graduation rewards:

Level achieved354045
Post-Graduation Reward Nimble Tora (7 days) 70%Looting Pet Renewal Kit (30 days) Gold Restoration Pendant Package(5 EA)

4. Masters will also receive points for successfully "graduating" apprentices (helping them reach level 30). For each apprentice graduated, Masters will receive 1 point. At 10 point intervals, Masters will receive these rewards:

Points Earned1020
Reward Vigorous NintoSmart Ninto

5. Whenever a Master has an Apprentice that reaches level 45, this Master will be rewarded with a Gold Restoration Pendant.

6. Only Apprentices can initiate a connection with a Master. This is done by submitting an application to a Master. Apprentices can cut their ties to a Master at any time prior to reaching level 15. This allows Apprentices to seek new Masters, if needed.

7. If a connection is made between a Master and an Apprentice and the Apprentice fails to reach “graduate” status within eight weeks, then the connection between both players will be cut.

8. Only one Apprentice/Master is allowed per Login ID. Connected Masters and Apprentices cannot exist on the same Login ID.

9. Masters can have up to three apprentices at the same time. Apprentices may only have one Master at a time.

10.Apprentices will be given the opportunity to assess their master upon reaching graduation. Masters who are well-reviewed may receive bonus rewards in some cases.

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